LSERESA Bowles Coming Up

A reminder that there is a LSERSA race meeting at Bowles on Sunday 5th May. Race entries must be sent to the Race Secretary no later than 7pm next Wednesday.

The race bulletin is available here, and the entry form here.

Video & Race Photos

If you haven’t already seen it (how can you have missed it?!) there’s now a video on our homepage - many thanks to Ben Turner-Moore!

We’ve also posted race photos from the Fun Race last week, in the Gallery.

Fun Race - 19th April

The club’s Fun Race was held on Friday 19th April.

The results table is as follows (click through to download a PDF):
Bowles Fun Race Results 19.04.2013

Pictures from the medals ceremony are in the gallery.

Summer Races ...

As the dry and indoor slope race season is about to kick off with our fun race and we have a number of new racers who may not be fully aware of the options available, Mark has kindly provided some details; these can be found in more detail on the Facebook page (see link above the calendar on the right of this page).

In summary, Bowles racers can compete in races organised by:

1. London & South East Region (LSERSA)
2. Southern Region (SRSA)
3. Club National and other national races
4. Kent Schools

National races are often restricted to "racers registered with home nation" which means you need to be registered with Snowsports England (also called SSE) as a racer. Note this is an individual registration, separate from the registration that the Race Club has with Snowsports England.

The races are also shown in the calendar (to the right of this page).

Fun Ski Race - Handicaps

The final handicaps for Friday’s Fun Ski Race are:

Bowles Handicaps for Fun Race 19_04_13

Timed Runs 5th April 2013

The timed runs from Friday’s training session are as follows (click through to download a PDF):

Bowles Timed Runs 05-04-2013

The latest handicaps for the fun race are:

Bowles Handicaps 05-04-2013