Reminder - LSERSA Aldserhot

A quick reminder that entries to the first LSERSA summer race - at Aldershot on Sunday 4th May - close on Wednesday 30th April at 7pm. Details available on the LSERSA website.

Fun Race - 16th May

We will be holding the Bowles “Fun Race” on Friday 16th May, with pizzas and medals presented after the race.

Times will be based on the fastest of 3 runs, with a course inspection (snowplough) allowed in advance. The awards are as follows:

  • Handicap - Winner, Silver and Bronze
  • Fastest Overall - Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • Fastest 14 & Under - Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Fastest 10 & Under - Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Fastest Lady - Gold, Silver & Bronze
  • The ‘Tiger’ Trophy (Coaches Award)

The 14 & Under / 10 & Under classes are based on age on 1st January 2014. Handicaps will be published closer to the date.