Fun Race - 16 May

The club Fun Race was held on Friday 16th May; full results below (click through for a PDF):

The ‘Tiger Owens’ Trophy (Coaches Award) went to Joshua Wakeling.

Photos of all medalists are in the gallery.

Kent Schools Results

Congratulations to all the racers from Bowles who took part in the Kent Schools 2014 championship.

Primary Individual

Harris Mitchell - 3rd in MINI-Boys

Primary Teams

St Margarets Collier St (Morgan Mitchell, Harris Mitchell, Oliver Stanbridge, Eloise Emmerson) - 1st in B&G-Mixed and Primary-Mixed
Rose Hill (India Sax, Olivia Andrews, Seth Tipper, Joshua Wakeling) - 2nd in B&G-Mixed, 3rd in Primary-Mixed
Beechwood Sacred Heart (Madeleine Winterflood, Tatiana Winterflood, Henry Campbell, Ellie Burcombe & Poppy Toyne-Bridges) - 3rd in B&G-Mixed

Secondary Individual
Christopher Owens - 3rd in SEN-Boys and Secondary-Boys

Secondary Teams
Skinners (Jack Hilliard, Jack Burcombe, James Murdoch, George Earle) - 3rd in SEN-Boys

Full results.

Timed Runs & Fun Race Handicaps

Timed runs from Friday’s training session (click through for a PDF):


And the latest (and final) handicaps for the Fun Race on 16th May:


Snowsport South Race Format

Message received from the Snowsport South Committee

Dear All,

Fun team races were added to the Snowsport South Race Day format in 2009 when entry numbers were low to ensure that there was a full day's racing. At that time, the day was routinely finishing around 3pm. Now that entry numbers are high, we feel it is time to review the race day format. It is up to you, the racers, to decide which way we proceed.

Last Sunday at Aldershot, we had 186 competitors actually racing. The timings (starting at 8:00 and finishing at 16:30) were:

Open Practice - 1 hour (allowing 2 runs per racer)
3 Individual timed runs - 3.5 hours
Set up of dual and drawing of lists - 0.5 hours
Individual Head to Heads - 2.5 hours
Club Teams - 1 hour

If we had held the Fun Team races, the day would have been approximately 1.5 hours longer.

Suggestions vary between those wishing to have Club team races and those wishing to have Fun teams. If entry numbers stay at the level they are, there is not time for both.

Please let us know what you think by emailing

Best wishes,
The Snowsport South Committee

Fun Race Handicaps

Latest handicaps for the fun race as below - Nigel is hoping to have one more set of times before the race.


(Click through for a PDF)